Ganoderma or Organic Ganoderma-what is the difference?

GANODERMA LUCIDUM is grown in a couple different ways. One way is in plastic bags in a controlled environment. The other way is on logs, which is the way they are grown naturally and have been for 4,000 years. Many companies choose the first.

Now there are many companies around the world attempting to harvest Ganoderma, but BEFORE YOU PURCHASE IT there are a few simple things you need to know, so you do not get fooled by cheaper imitations or artificial brands.

Take a few seconds here to understand the difference between Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma and Plastic Bag Harvested Ganoderma.Natural Log Harvested is MUCH MORE POTENT AND EFFECTIVE because it is harvested in accordance to the laws of pure Nature

When Ganoderma lucidum is log-harvested the mushroom is allowed to PRODUCE THE MOST POWERFUL FORM OF ITS KIND SPORES! Spores are seeds which fall from underneath the mushroom and are SEVENTEEN TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN THE MUSHROOM BODY itself.

Companies who market Plastic Bag Ganoderma DO NOT HAVE THE CAPABILITIES OF PRODUCING SPORES, because they harvest it plastic bags and the natural phenomenon of spores does not occur.

Be sure to ask if the Ganoderma is Plastic Bag or Natural Log Harvested and always choose the Natural Log variety. It is said that Natural Log Harvest Ganoderma is the closest thing to Nutritional Perfection found in Nature.

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